APS is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator enabling Machine to Machine data communication.

The APS M2M Service comprises the following...


  • APS is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) enabling Machine to Machine (M2M) data communication.
  • APS is an authorised reseller of the Arkessa Service.
  • Arkessa is well established in the M2M world and has 300,000 direct connections and over 2.5 million connections worldwide through partners.
  • Arkessa have been deploying and operating SIMs for over 10 years and we bring all of that track record and experience with us.
  • APS provides a roaming M2M service.

What is M2M?

  • M2M is an abbreviation for Machine To Machine communication.

    It refers to the communication between and an end point smart device, such as a street light, or monitoring system and the backend smart device management system or controller.

  • The communications channel can be a physical wire or Over The Air (OTA).

    The emergence of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) together with the cost of laying in physical wire, has meant more and more M2M communications are moving to OTA.

  • The smart device is manufactured by a third party with OTA capability.

    APS enables the mobile data communications channel through the provision of a mobile data infrastructure service.

  • Roaming SIMs are inserted into smart devices allowing them to connect near anywhere in the world.

    Behind it is an entire infrastructure to deliver the M2M data across a secure and robust network called the Ark. The customer or end user is provided with a SIM management portal that enables them to manage their SIMs.

APS Advantages

Single Contract & Price - No need for multiple SIMS providers and contracts

  • To ensure reliability many operators have multiple SIMs in their smart devices from different service providers meaning multiple contracts and costs.
  • With a roaming SIM you only need one SIM and if the network fails it will automatically search out and connect to another network at no additional cost. Roaming in many cases will be more cost effective.
  • Having multiple contract with potentially differing terms, billing cycles, fees and minimums will create additional administration and workload.

More reliable

  • If smart devices are operating in markets where the signal is temperamental a roaming SIM will provide a more reliable service. If there is signal loss the SIM will automatically find another network and re-establish communications.

Fit and forget

  • The SIMs will work near anywhere in the world and so can be installed at the point of smart device / gadget manufacture or point of distribution without worrying where the device will be shipped to or relocated to.


  • Often M2M devices are in a fixed location which might be in a signal shadow or area of weak signal. A single carrier SIM may not be able to work, a roaming SIM will just connect to whatever it can see.

Fixed IP Address

  • It is not common for MVNOs like us to offer fixed private IP addressing for the SIMs allowing easy two way communications.