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Mobile Host Service

This service enables traditional services to be easily implemented on mobile platforms by providing a hosted service that sits between mobile devices and the traditional system. The service comprises a number of standard services that can be used to rapidly implement mobile services.

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Mobile Applications

APS Offers a number of pre-built applications to perform a variety of functions these include mobile value transfers, remittance, transaction history/statements, special offer delivery and mobile payment collection.

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APS can provide a wide range of consultancy services for financial institutions. APS has extensive experience with advanced payment systems normally being assigned as lead technical and business of major programmes and advising at senior executive levels. APS have been at the forefront of advancement of payment networks across the globe.

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APS is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) enabling Machine to Machine (M2M) data communication around the globe.

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EMV Stress Tester

The EMV Stress Tester (EST) is a service designed to exercise the issuers and acquirers processing systems to determine if they are constructing, parsing and processing EMV transactions to gain the benefit from the additional risk management capabilities provided by EMV chip transactions.

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