Mobile Host Service

Enables traditional services to be easily implemented on mobile platforms by providing a hosted service

The APS Mobile Host Service comprises a number of components as detailed below.

Web Portals

Registration / Account Info

  • Allows registration of SMS or Smartphone user.
  • Website registration allows for mobile phone users to register either a basic phone only capable of sending SMS messages or a Smartphone that will be used with the APS mobile app.

  • Display of Transaction History.
  • A user can access their individual account details and view all transaction history performed through the Mobile Host Service.

  • Cash-In facility from Debit/Credit Card using MiGS 2.0.
  • The Cash-In facility will allows users to add funds to their Mobile Host Service account using a Debit or Credit Card. These transactions will be completed using the MasterCard MiGS 2.0 gateway service.

Support Site

  • Detailed Transaction Information for Support Analysis
  • A authorized support analyst can search and view transaction details of any end user within the system. This allows them to help resolve any issues regarding transactions on the system, this includes reasons for transaction declines, transaction, funding and messaging history, but does not include access to private information such as challenge/answers or remittance collection passwords.

  • User Account Setup & Management Facilities.
  • The System Administrator has the facility to manage accounts within the system, from setting up Support and Remittance Agent users to revoking end users.

  • Offers Setup & Management
  • System Administrators will have access to create, delete or modify Offers that are presented to end users.

Remittance Agent

  • Remittance Function
  • The facility allows authorized remittance agents to authenticate remittance transactions presented to them and to view the details of previous remittances.


These interfaces allow for mobile devices to perform the following transactions via a web interface as well as through an SMS gateway service.

  • Transfers
  • Transfers funds between to Mobile Host Service registered end users.

  • Remittance
  • Allows funds to be remitted to either a Mobile Host Service registered end user (On Network) or an unregistered end user (Off Network) with funds being collected via a remittance agent. Off Network remittances can be switch on or off as a system wide configuration parameter.

  • Registration (smartphone only)
  • Users of the APS Mobile App are able to download and register with the Mobile Host Service from within the App. This interface facilitates the functionality.

  • Transaction History (smartphone only)
  • Supply transaction history to an authenticated user.

  • Offers (smartphone only)
  • Provides offers to mobile users.

Host Processes

  • Front End Processing for Transfer and Remittance Transactions
  • Management of transaction processing, authentication and context for the Mobile Host Service. Provides processing for incoming transaction from Mobile and SMS gateways.

  • Account Management
  • Provides an optional facility for on host management of funds contained within the Mobile Host Service. If this service is not used account management will be performed off host on an external backend account management system.

  • Reconciliation Reporting
  • Provides reporting to System Administrators to allow for reconciliation between funding sources, on host funds or backend systems.


  • Notification service for outgoing SMS and Email
  • Used for registration and transaction processing to send information to end users via SMS or Email.

  • Cash In Batch Load and Processing
  • Allow funds to be added to specific accounts to facilitate cash loads by trusted 3rd parties such a ‘load merchant’. The load merchant would collect funds in cash from an end user then send a Batch Load file containing one or more load transactions which would place fund into the end users account on the Mobile Host Service.

  • SMS Gateway Integration into local provider
  • To enable a robust and cost effective SMS solution a local SMS gateway will be found or supplied.