Chip Card Consultancy Services

APS can offer you a range of chip card consultancy services that can be tailored to your needs to support your EMV migration or other chip card projects.

Business Planning

We can help you plan your chip card project in terms of budgets, costs, and expenses. We can optimize your business case, provide advise on product segmentation, Issuer and Acquirer rollout strategies, value added services, recommendations on leveraging other chip card initiatives in your market, and how to integrate new technologies such as contactless and mobile.

Project Planning

APS use a standard proven chip migration approach and templates (see back cover). We will work with you to perform an impact analysis on your existing business processes, we will help you develop detailed project plans and identify resource requirements.

In this way you can quickly develop a chip card implementation plan which is tailored to your needs, is proven, and can be implemented efficiently and cost effectively.

Project Management Support

Project planning is just the first step to a successful project. However effective project management with attention to detail is the key to success. With our project management and consulting skills, we can strengthen your project management structure as a member of your project management team to ensure you project is completed on time and within budget.

Project and Product Risk Analysis

There are significant risks in large projects like this, financial risks, technology risks, resource risks which may result in significant time and budget overruns or even the project failing. We can reduce these risks by performing formal project or product risk analysis and developing a plan to minimize your risks and maximize the chance of success.

Project Implementation Support

We can also provide you direct implementation support to areas of your project that are more technical or complex such as:


chip card personalization can be particularly complex, where many customer variables, product parameters and cryptographic keys need to be defined or generated, and then loaded on to chip cards in a secure manner.

APS consultants have an in-depth knowledge of chip card personalization and have developed ‘Platform 3’, a combined data preparation and personalization tool to make this a simple, one step process.

Risk Management Optimization

Fraud and credit loss reduction is one of the primary benefits of EMV. In fact There are around 50 pieces of EMV data all concerned with risk management; however most banks do not use this data to maximum effect. We can work closely with your risk management team and optimize your fraud detection systems to careful use and fine tune these risk parameters to potentially save you millions of additional dollars in fraud and credit losses.


The introduction of chip card technology to your business will have an impact across the whole organization from senior management to marketing staff to system operators. However to obtain maximum benefit from chip all staff must be trained to an appropriate level.

Developing New Products and Services

APS consultants have always been at the leading edge of chip card developments, and have been involved in the development and pilot testing of many chip based new products and services.

We can work with you to identify how these new technologies and value added services can be integrated into your chip card strategies to provide you with new revenue generating opportunities.